• Is Your Pipe Safe?

    Calculate Remaining Strength Using ASME B31G, B31.8 & B31.4

    Is Your Pipe Safe?
  • Rust Never Sleeps

    Use 3D Imaging in the Water & Topside to Assess Corrosion Damage

    Rust Never Sleeps
  • What's the Cost of a Corrosion Failure?

    Determine Risk (API 581) & Remaining Strength (API 579) Using 3D Imaging

    What's the Cost of a Corrosion Failure?

3DSL Rhino Ruggedized NDT Camera

The 3DSL Rhino is designed for field inspection of corrosion, dents, and other infrastructure damage. Ruggedized to meet the demands of harsh environments, the 3DSL Rhino is perfect for assessing infrastructure damage from Alaska to Zaire. Complete protection from dust, water, sand. With an operating temperature that ranges from -10F (-23C) to 110F (40C), the 3DSL Rhino is ready for just about anything. Next time you need to assess damage, think 3DSL Rhino.