3DSL Rhino

The Next Generation in 3D NDT Imaging

3DSL Rhino

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Welcome the Rhino: the next generation in field ruggedized 3D imaging. Like the pachyderm for which it's named, the 3DSL Rhino is ready for field work. With an ingress protection level of 67 (IP67) and shock protection, this rugged Rhino can be dropped in water, dropped in mud, taken out in the Canadian winter or the Arabian summer and continue taking high quality 3D images.

The 3DSL NDT software suite, included with the 3DSL Rhino, enables complete assessment of infrastructure damage and produces damage reports that are compliant with industry standard recommendations.

Product Details & Extras

Keep your infrastructure safe. The 3DSL Rhino was developed with field inspection in mind. In addition to the imaging hardware and analysis software, field accessories are available to facilitate all damage assessment work and ensure correct measurements every time. Industry leading accuracy, precision, and resolution result in the highest quality measurements. Check out our video demonstration as well as the specifications, applications, and accessories below.

Product Benefits

The rugged Rhino

  • Can operate in windy deserts
  • In rain and snow
  • Can be dropped
  • Integrates with 3DSL robots
  • Produces standard 3D data sets that can be exported to a variety of software packages
  • Maintains +/- 2 mils (0.050 mm) accuracy

3D images can be analyzed using the 3DSL NDT software suite, included with each Rhino, to determine the maximum safe operating pressure and burst pressure using RSTRENG, ASME B31G and modified AMSE B31G. Dent analysis is compliant with ASME B31.8 and B31.4. The option API 579 modules produce API compliant reports for a variety of chemical and petro-chemical plant infrastructure.


  • Midstream transmission pipeline damage assessment
    • ASME B31G, modified ASME B31G, RSTRENG
    • ASME B31.8, ASME B31.4
    • Export for finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Chemical and Petro-chemical plant inspection
    • API 579 compliant
  • Aircraft inspection
    • SRM compliant analysis
  • Bridge inspection
    • Metal loss on bolts and gusset plates
    • Strain and deformation of gusset plates
  • Weld inspection


Product NameProduct Description
BackpackRuggedized backpack; holds all 3DSL components for field work.
Light Shield for LaptopFits 12-17" Laptops
Keeps Sunlight off Screen
Bottom Non-Slip Material Stops Sliding
Pull Over Head Cover
Compatible with tripod laptop shelf and magnetic laptop shelf.
Lithium Ion Battery Pack12v Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Portable Laptop ShelfThe portable laptop shelf mounts magnetically to most steel structures and provides a stable platform for holding the 3DSL and 3D Toolbox laptops. The portable shelf weights 4.5 lbs (2.0 kg) and has a carrying capacity of 15lbs (6.8 kg).
TentEasy up tent. 10ft by 10ft with adjustable sides.
Tripod Laptop ShelfPortable, field ruggedized shelf for a laptop. Includes extra space for mouse pad, mouse, and other accessories.

Technical Specifications

Specification Type


Data Interface

IEEE 802.3 1000baseT

Sensor resolution

644 x 484



Sensor type

CMOS Progressive

Sensor size

Type 1/3

Cell size

7.4 µm

3D acquisition rate

< 90ms

Max frame rate at full resolution

309 fps


12 bit / 8 bit

On-board FIFO

64 MB

3D Measurements



Working distance

360mm (minimum)

14” (minimum)

Measurement volume

200mm X 150mm X 300mm

8” X 6” X 12”

Resolution (lateral)

0.4mm / 16mils

Resolution (depth)

0.05mm / 2mills

Operating conditions/Dimensions

Operating temperature

-10°C ... +40°C

14°F ... +104°F

Power requirements (DC)

12 VDC, AC/DC adapter included; system may also be powered using a battery

Power consumption (12 V)

25 W


2.4 kg / 5.3lbs

(L x W x H in mm)

279mm X 178mm X 102mm
11” X 7” X 4”


RoHS, Class A, IP67