3DSL Hippo

The Perfect Solution for Inspecting Underwater Infrastructure

3DSL Hippo


Introducing the latest addition to the 3DSL line of 3D imaging systems from Seikowave: Hippo. Designed for demanding underwater 3D imaging, Hippo, when combined with the 3DSL NDT software suite, is the perfect solution for inspecting damage to underwater infrastructure.

Product Details & Extras

The Hippopotamus is designed for rugged environments. Able to live on land and in the water, fresh water and salt water, these animals are uniquely adapted to an amphibious lifestyle.

The 3DSL Hippo shares many of the same adaptations. Like the Hippopotamus, the 3DSL Hippo can operate on land, in fresh water, and in salt water. The “thick skin” and padding of the 3DSL Hippo is the key to meeting the IP68 ruggedization requirements.

Product Benefits

The 3DSL Hippo

  • Operates underwater; vision is protected by a clear membrane that protects the eye
  • A thick acrylic plate protects the imaging optics inside enabling 3D imaging at depths of up to 100m (330 feet)
  • Can be equipped with a variety of handles that allow divers to easily manipulate the 3D imaging system to acquire data
  • Can be dropped
  • Can be integrated with a variety of ROV’s to enable remote inspection of underwater infrastructure
  • Produces standard 3D data sets that can be exported to a variety of software packages
  • Maintains +/- 2 mils (0.050 mm) accuracy

3D images can be analyzed using the 3DSL NDT software suite, included with each HIppo, to determine the maximum safe operating pressure and burst pressure using RSTRENG, ASME B31G and modified AMSE B31G. Dent analysis is compliant with ASME B31.8 and B31.4. The option API 579 modules produce API compliant reports for a variety of chemical and petro-chemical plant infrastructure.


  • Compliance with ASME regulations
    • ASME B31G, modified ASME B31G, RSTRENG
    • ASME B31.8, ASME B31.4
    • Export for finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Compliance with API 579 requirements
  • Generate 3D models of underwater infrastructure


Product Name Product Description
Light shield for laptop Fits 12-17" Laptops
Keeps Sunlight off Screen
Bottom Non-Slip Material Stops Sliding

Pull Over Head Cover

Compatible with tripod laptop shelf and magnetic laptop shelf.
Marine Growth Removal Submersible battery-operated tool with debris brushing attachments.
Portable laptop shelf The portable laptop shelf mounts magnetically to most steel structures and provides a stable platform for holding the 3DSL and 3D Toolbox laptops. The portable shelf weights 4.5 lbs (2.0 kg) and has a carrying capacity of 15lbs (6.8 kg).
Underwater tripod laptop shelf Portable, field ruggedized shelf for a laptop. Includes extra space for mouse pad, mouse, and other accessories. Intended for use underwater with 3DSL Hippo.

Technical Specifications

Specification TypeSpecification
Data InterfaceIEEE 802.3 1000baseT
Sensor Resolution659 x 493
SensorSony ICX424
Sensor TypeCCD Progressive
Sensor SizeType 1/3
Cell Size7.4 µm
3D Acquisition Rate< 90ms
Max Frame Rate @ Full Resolution120 fps
A/D14 bit
Working Distance320mm +/- 40mm (12.6” +/- 1.6”)
Measurement Volume150mm X 85mm X 300mm (5.9” X 3.5” X 7.9”)
Resolution0.4mm / 16mils
Operating Temperature-10°C ... +40°C / 14°F ... +104°F
Power Requirements (DC)24 VDC, AC/DC adapter included; system may also be powered using a battery
Power Consumption10 W (not including cable losses)
Mass2.4 kg / 5.7lbs
(L x W x H)230mm X 130mm X 90mm (9.1” X 5.1” X 3.5”)
RegulationsRoHS, Class A, IP68, meets one meter (3.3 feet) drop test requirements onto concrete
Maximum Operating Depth100 m (330 feet)
Maximum Turbidity Level10 ppm (mg/L)