Seikowave Hires Houston Based Steve Siever as Director of Sales


Seikowave welcomes a new Director of Sales, Steve Siever, who is based in Houston, Texas. Steve is a 24 year veteran of sales and marketing to the oil & gas market. During the past 8 years, Steve focused on composite repair systems for the rehabilitation of piping systems onshore and offshore in North America and on the West coast of Africa. Steve has also been intimately involved in a multitude of test programs related to asset integrity such as corrosion, wrinkle bends, branch connections, leak repair and mechanical damage. Steve was the Chairman of the Composite Repair Users Group, a member of the ASME PCC-2 committee and holds memberships with SGA, TGA, and The Pipeliners Association of Houston.

Having Steve’s experience in Houston will allow Seikowave to better serve our oil & gas customers.

Please contact Steve at or 281-813-7142 in order to find out more about Seikowave’s 3D NDT technology.